he Early Literary and Television Career of George R. R. Martin

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George R. R. Martin
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Jeffrey Cho is a Chicago analytics and management consultant who provides client-driven enterprise risk-management solutions. An avid fan of comics and the Marvel Universe, Jeffrey Cho is also a longtime reader of George R. R. Martin. Starting in the 1990s, the fantasy author wrote the celebrated “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, which inspired HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

Originally from New Jersey, Martin grew up in a quiet suburban neighborhood and enjoyed suspenseful early 1960s TV shows such as The Twilight Zone. In 1971, his first short story was published in the science fiction magazine Galaxy. Five years later a collection of his stories, A Song for Lya and Others was published, and in 1979 he debuted as a novelist with Dying of the Light.

Martin’s growing literary reputation brought him a position in Hollywood as story editor for the 1986 Twilight Zone remake, and he subsequently worked on writing for the series Beauty and the Beast. It was here that he learned the limitations of the television world of the era, with the scripts he envisioned often costing well over the budgets available. Tiring of Hollywood constraints, George R. R. Martin ultimately returned to the literary craft with a new series inspired by medieval England’s dynastic Wars of the Roses.


Priefiks – Serving a Market Need for Exceptional Dining Experiences

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A consultant with Accenture in Chicago, Jeffrey Cho has more than a decade of experience in the areas of risk management and forecasting. Jeffrey Cho also maintains an entrepreneurial presence and helps guide the startup Priefiks, which focuses on enhancing people’s group dining experiences.

The concept came about when a financial executive was planning a surprise birthday party for his friend, and engaged with an acquaintance in the hospitality industry about finding a way to pre-pay and pre-plan everything at a set price he was comfortable with.

The party went off without a hitch, with participants surprised at the level of stress-free organization – which freed them from thinking about the logistical aspects of the gathering. The focus was simply on having a great time with friends and celebrating a birthday, rather than worrying about staying under a specific budget and splitting the bill between nearly two dozen people.

The restaurant also found that this strategy eased its burden, as it had time to prep the meal well in advance and avoid the kitchen backups that can easily occur when a 22-person group appears. Following the successful event, the idea of expanding this concept to the public at large was discussed, and Priefiks was well on its way to launch.